Auction Terms and Conditions

1.    Pars Mezat acts as merely an intermediary between sellers and buyers. 
2.    All objects offered for purchasing are duly checked according to Regulation #2863 issued to protect the items constituting cultural heritage; those items that are the subject to this Regulation are accompanied by relevant paperwork. 
3.    The selling price of an item sold via an online auction on, which is to be paid by the buyer upon the completion of an auction, will be calculated as follows: the item’s hammer price plus 15% auction house commission plus 20% VAT. The rate of the auction house commission may vary from auction to auction. The buyer is to pay the item price in full and collect their item within 7 (seven) days upon the completion of the auction. The shipping of the items fully paid by the buyer will be performed within 5-7 working days maximum. The cost of the shipping is to be paid by the buyer. 
4.    The selling price of purchased items has to be paid in full within the 7 (seven) days following the completion of the auction in the form of cash, bank transfer or by a credit card. 
5.    A bidder whose bid is the leading bid for an item is considered legally bound by this bid until a higher bid is received on the same item. The auction bidding is performed by placing bids online. 
6.    Restorations, repairs and replacements of some parts of the items are generally mentioned in the description. Pars Mezat cannot be held responsible for any such restoration, repair or replacement. All information regarding the items published during the online auctions are just opinions. All items are sold “as is” or “as found”, and the buyer accepts it and acts on an understanding that the buyer has waived the provisions of Article 198 in the Code of Obligations. Pars Mezat is not responsible for the state of the items purchased, and therefore the participants in the auctions will not raise any objections or file any complaints against Pars Mezat with regard to the items sold. 

7. The property right for the items auctioned at this site belongs solely to the items’ owners and not to the company, and therefore the items’ owners are held legally responsible for the items.

8. Our company cannot be held responsible for any wrong entries that a participant in the auction may make while signing the auction participation contract or entering their postal address and other contact information including post addresses, email addresses or telephone numbers as well as the information conveyed by the participants over the phone or in notifications, and for any delays in shipping of the purchased items by professional carrier companies caused by such wrong entries or information.
9.   Our company reserves the right to accept any offer within the estimate made by the item owner or above the reserve price placed by them. 
10.  Our company reserves the right to refuse participation in our online auctions at our sole discretion and without offering any explanations as to the reasons to any bidder. Participants who purchase from our auctions items whose hammer price is 5000 TL (five thousand Turkish Lira) and above will be required to provide the proof of identity according to the Regulation 4208. Auctions are carried out online at Participating in bidding means participating in the auction; therefore, by bidding, a participant accepts all above stated terms and conditions as well as the rights of our company and duties that arise in relation to those. 
11. Those who registered as members of this site by providing their personal identification data are considered to have read and accepted the above terms and conditions.

12.    The bidding increments for the auctions are as follows: 
Between 1 and 20 TL: 1 TL
Between 20 and 50 TL: 2 TL
Between 50 and 100 TL: 5 TL
Between 100 and 200 TL: 10 TL
Between 200 and 500 TL: 20 TL
Between 500 and 1.000 TL: 50 TL
Between 1.000 and 2.000 TL: 100 TL
Between 2.000 and 5.000 TL: 250 TL
Between 5.000 and 10.000 TL: 500 TL
Over 10.000 TL: 1.000 TL

13.    Upon registering as a new member, in order to be able to bid for the items offered for bidding at auctions, members need to enter their full postal address and complete personal identification information into relevant spaces on the registration form. Otherwise, the system will not enable bidding.